More than 50 documentary films, moving, powerful, daring, sensory, poetic..most of them accompanied by the film Director or by a speaker. 1 world first, 6 french premières, 1 Quebec focus, 1 China focus, 1 « work in progress », meetings, round tables, a happy anniversary, music…

For several years, Lasalle festival has maintained a close relationship with Quebec. And as it is in any relationship, the beauty lies in the reciprocity. If the initiative was from the Cévennes, the generosity of Quebec took care of the rest : Michka Saäl and Richard Brouillette became two tireless Ambassadors of the Festival in the "Belle-province », but also precious artistic advisors to discover both singular and polymorphic films that were not yet familiar to us.
So, we thought, this year, to centre our programme around an homage to the late Michka Saäl and on a « carte blanche » to RIDM (Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montreal).

• Focus Quebec / 9 Films

Today, the Quebec documentary film is representing a whole filmography, both peculiar and polymorphous. So, we thought, this year, to centre our programme on a « carte blanche » to RIDM (Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montreal) and an homage TO Michka Saäl,
disappeared in july 2017, a friend for us, a talented filmmaker for all. Her films, full of poetry represent this approach of men and women who do not accept the world as it is.

• Focus China /  5 films

The selection of this Focus China shows us a few facets of the wide kaleidoscope of China today. A complex, contradictory country.

• C-P Productions is celebrating its 20 years

The production company, based in Montpellier, is made up of the producer Annie Gonzalez, the Director Pierre Carles and 5 other partners to allow the release of Pierre Carles' first feature film, Pas vu pas pris (1998), film criticizing the medias and censured by the French TV channels. Today it has 24 partners, and a catalog of documentary films that are released in cinemas..but not yet broadcasted on TV channels !

• 50th anniversary of Amber

in the presence of Graheme Rigby, filmmaker, member of Amber, collective of filmmakers, photographers and art galleries owners from North-East England commited with the working-class and/or marginalized communities, whose film and photographic archives are today registered on the memory heritage of UNESCO.
« Put life, work, friendships all together. Don't get caught by the institutions. Live with little, you will remain free. And also, give time to what makes you want to stand up every morning ». These were the founding principles of the collective « Amber, cinema and photography », in 1968.

« CARTE BLANCHE » TO IRIS / Interdisciplinary research institute on social issues

This year for the second time, DOC-Cevennes opens a window on the human and social sciences research, and invites the public to get behind the scenes of a laboratory and of his questionning. The IRIS
brings together some sixty researchers and more than a hundred doctoral students. Their work explores the social, political and moral issues of the contemporary societies. For this second meeting, six researchers from the CNRS, are invited to talk about their works in showing a film of their choice which is in tune with their works. In echo on these meetings UNE TABLE RONDE « How can we reconcile the profession of  researcher in social sciences and political commitment ? »


•  In preview, the STREET PERFORMANCE « Déviation » of the comedians et  musicians Sophie Bourdieux, Charlène Moura & Claire Lascoumes.